In the morning, when the madness has faded…

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Now that the elections are over, it’s time to get back to cooking, enjoying life, and looking forward to the future.

Whether or not the person you voted for was elected, you can look at the situation as the opportunity to make the best. When life hands you lemons, make meringue pie, limoncello, and chicken piccata. After all, why limit your output, right?

I, myself, am looking to an end of this 70 hour work week that I’ve put in, so that I can spend some time behind my stove, making bread, soups, and other foodies to get me through the cooler weather. Besides, I am owner of a few new baking dishes that are crying out to have tarts, cakes, and pies baked in them.

What’s your favourite cold(er) weather dish? Do you crave fresh baked bread? Roasted turkey? Soups? Stews? Or do you long for warmer weather where nothing but grilled veggies, steak, and Bloody Marys rule?

The important thing, to me, is to enjoy each and every season as it comes. It’s almost time for eggnog. Peppermint tea. White Chocolate Snow Caps (I didn’t come up with that recipe — I saw it years ago on the Discovery Channel, though I try to make it once a year or so, because it makes me feel good, even though it’s hideous in fat!). Stuffed bread (Pano alla Nunzia, I tend to call it because of who invented the recipe). Something called Hot Virginia Dip that I picked up out of another sampler, this one from the Junior League of Virginia. Guaranteed to harden your arteries, raise your blood pressure, yet make you smile from the taste.

Here comes the weekend. Don’t just anticipate it. Relish it!


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